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Integrate with Searchanise for Curated Collections
Integrate with Searchanise for Curated Collections

Learn how to integrate with Searchanise when using Curated Collections

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Searchanise controls the collection page's ordering. Because of this, the LimeSpot created Curated Collections need to be manually sorted instead of the auto-ordering that Searchanise does. This help article will show you how to manually sort the LimeSpot created Curated Collections.

Once your Curated Collections are created and are in your Shopify admin panel's Collection list, go to your Searchanise app by going to your Apps > Smart Search & Filter.

  1. Open the Filters on collections section in the Searchanise control panel, open the Manual sorting tab and click the + button.

  2. Select collections with manual sorting and click the Add collections and close button.

  3. Click the Force re-indexation button in the Dashboard section in the Searchanise control panel and wait until the indexation is complete to check the sorting in these collections.

Note: The default sorting for the collections added to the Manual sorting list is named Featured.

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