LimeSpot Sale Attribution

A sale or purchase is considered as a LimeSpot Driven if the product is originally clicked through a LimeSpot recommendation on the website, mobile app, email or other integrated 3rd party apps within 7 days.

Therefore, if the shopper buys the product within 7 days after clicking on the product through a LimeSpot recommendation box, the purchase is attributed as a LimeSpot Driven Sale. If the shopper buys the product after 7 days, this is not considered as a LimeSpot Driven Sale.

Refunds, Discounts and Cancelled Orders

LimeSpot tracks all the refunds, discounts and order cancellations, and automatically applies those to the store analytics, which means that our calculations of your Total Revenue and LimeSpot Driven Revenue are excluding the refunds, discounts and cancelled orders.

Shipping Fees and Taxes

We exclude the shipping fees and taxes from the revenues that we track for the store. We only calculate the actual product price into our analytics.

Learn more about our pricing here.

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