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Transitioning to the Latest Version of LimeSpot
Transitioning to the Latest Version of LimeSpot

Follow these easy upgrade steps to get faster loading times, enhanced SEO, and to ensure access to upcoming new features.

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We are happy to announce that an upgrade for the LimeSpot App is now available. This upgrade is free and will work seamlessly with your current Shopify setup and LimeSpot settings. It will also seamlessly accommodate any JavaScript or CSS customizations your LimeSpot implementation may already have.

The newest version of LimeSpot includes:

  • Even faster onsite loading to boost page load speed

  • Improved SEO and Lighthouse score improvements

  • New recommendation styles and templates

In addition to the above, all future improvements to LimeSpot will only be available for this new version of LimeSpot. If you opt to remain on the legacy version, you will miss out on new features and you won’t reap the benefits of ongoing maintenance.

To upgrade your LimeSpot instance to the latest version, simply open your LimeSpot Designer by clicking on “Conversion” in the top menu, then on “Website Personalization,” then on the “Designer” button.

Once in the Designer, click the “Upgrade” button at the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to review the look and feel of your upgraded Designer before clicking on “Publish.

Your pre-upgrade LimeSpot settings will not be lost when you upgrade. If you notice any issues with the updated version of your site, don’t hesitate to notify our Customer Service Team (either via chat or by emailing [email protected]).

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