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Why has my LimeSpot Conversion Rate gone up? (April 2022 update)
Why has my LimeSpot Conversion Rate gone up? (April 2022 update)

Customers affected were Shopify stores with a large number of "Unknown" orders

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In April 2022, LimeSpot implemented a process for identifying more types of order sources. This corrected an issue with some stores that were seeing a large percentage of sales attributed to "Unknown". Affected stores will see an increase in conversion rates (even though their sales may remain the same) because sales are being appropriately attributed.

On April 5th, 2022, we implemented an improved process for identifying order sources, greatly reducing the number of "Unknown" orders.

You can view all of your order source data at any time from your Analytics report.

We are dedicated to transparency in our analytics and are working towards increased accuracy in order source attribution. You can view all of your source data at any time from your Analytics report. The new process cross-checks the more reliable Checkout Token with the Cart Token in an order to recapture source data and decrease unknown orders.

How to check if your store was impacted by this update

First check to see if your LimeSpot attributed revenue saw a large increase after April 5th, 2022. Select a week or more before April 5th, and a week or more after (similar to the image below)

If you see an increase like the graph above, then you may have had a large number of "Unknown" sales and can investigate further by looking at your "Unknown" sales numbers using this method.

  1. Log into LimeSpot and navigate to your Analytics > Recommendations page

  2. Select a pre-April 5th time period (ex. one week) from the date range sub-navigation at the top-right

  3. Select 'Source' from the View By drop down

  4. Scroll down to the "Unknown" section

  5. Compare your 'Sales' bar to a similar time period (ex. one week) after April 5th.

You should see less sales attributed to "Unknown" and more being distributed among other sources.

We hope this improvement in accuracy will also better express our value, however, we recognize this may also increase the costs for some of our customers. We offer tiered flat-rate plans based on your store's total revenue that may be a better fit or offer a lower cost. For those with a monthly revenue under $100k, you can easily calculate your costs for our Essentials plan, or contact us for a customized Premium plan.

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