Google Ads identifies the target audiences for Smart Shopping campaigns based on the Audience Lists available on the Google Ads account. These lists represent audiences that have previously visited the store. To improve this targeting, LimeSpot passes additional information to the Google Tag using the information our AI infers about the visitors based on their behavior on the storefront.

When you have our Segmentation module enabled, you can create Audience Segments based on your shoppers behaviors and interactions with your online store. These Audience Segments are automatically mirrored into your Google Ads account as Audience Lists that could be used for your ad campaigns' targeting.

You can use these auto-generated Audience Lists to target your customers on all your different ad campaigns including Search, YouTube, Standard Shopping and other types of campaigns. When you are using Google Smart Shopping Ads, you don't need to specify the audience lists since Google automatically optimizes your campaign performance by finding the best combination of your Audience Lists for each campaign.

Note: LimeSpot Ads only charges you for the Shopping Campaigns that are using your LimeSpot-generated Google Merchant Account feed, therefore using LimeSpot Audience Lists on non-shopping campaigns has no additional cost for you.

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