Your product feed is a list of products that you want to advertise across Google.

LimeSpot Shopping Ads will automatically sync the LimeSpot product data to Google Merchant Center, and you can add or edit your products individually or in bulk. To ensure your products are approved by Google, make sure that your product feed includes the following information:

  • General product information

  • Unique product identifiers

  • Data requirements for specific categories:

    • Apparel & Accessories

    • Media

    • Books

Learn more about product feeds here.

LimeSpot Shopping Ads automatically creates and regularly updates your product feed – and these tips can help you further enhance your performance:

Include relevant product attributes

  • Product attributes are information about your products. They include categories like your product’s title, description, and price. It’s important that every attribute in your feed is written in a way that will resonate with your audience.

  • Learn more about product attributes here.

Write compelling product titles

  • The title is one of the most prominent parts of your ad or free listing. A specific and accurate title helps Google show your product to the right users.

  • Get tips and best practices for writing product titles here.

Categorize your product types

  • Google uses product types to understand what you’re selling and to match your ads to relevant searches. To set yours up:

  1. Use > to separate multiple levels in a category.

  2. Follow this format: Product type > Product subtype 1 > Product subtype 2 > Season/occasion/topic

For example: Animal & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Dog Supplies > Dog Apparel

  • Learn more about product types here.

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