This pricing plan is no longer available. Please refer to our Pricing Page for our current plans.

Our Growth plan was created to better scale with the growth of your store and to give you more predictability and control over your monthly costs associated with using our platform.

This applies once you have completed your free trial. You will not be billed for your free trial usage.

Growth Usage-based Pricing overview

Pricing starts at $19 USD for 10,000 LimeSpot Personalizer box displays. Additional charges are determined by the number of LimeSpot Personalizer box displays per month.

A box display is the rendering of a product recommendations box (carousel, bundle, or grid) that occurs when a page loads or email is viewed. For instance, a page that has two Personalizer boxes will generate two box displays every time the page is loaded. Similarly, an email with one Personalizer box will generate a box display each time it is opened.

The base subscription covers 10,000 box displays every 30 days, with each additional 10,000 displays costing $10 USD.

$19 USD – Up to 10,000 Personalizer box displays per month
$29 USD – Up to 20,000 Personalizer box displays per month
$39 USD – Up to 30,000 Personalizer box displays per month

*'Recent Views’ boxes are included part of the base subscription fee and are not counted in your box display total. This means ‘Recent Views’ boxes are free to place throughout your store!

Email Personalization

Emails with Personalizer boxes are counted in your total the same way pages with Personalizer boxes are counted. For example, an email with two Personalizer boxes will generate two box displays each time the email is viewed. A good way to estimate your usage for email is by looking at your Total Opens for an email send, this is the closest comparison to an email view.

Estimate your usage

If you have an active account with Personalizer and boxes are already being displayed, you can see your Personalizer box display count on your LimeSpot Admin Panel in Analytics > Overview. The Recommendation Boxes section will show you the count of “Rendered Recommendation Boxes” for the time period you select.

Website Estimate:

Number of Website Sessions x 2.5 = Approx. number of Recommended Box Displays

To get a rough approximate of what you can expect to see for usage on your website, multiply your number of sessions per month by 2.5 to get the approximate minimum number of Recommended box displays.

On average, most online shoppers visit 2.5 pages per session, and you should include at least 1 recommendation box on each page (in addition to a Recently Viewed, which isn’t counted towards your billable total.)

Email Estimate:

Number of total email Opens x Number of boxes on email
= Number of Recommended Box Displays

To approximate your usage for an email send with Personalizer Boxes, use the total number of email opens of a recent send as an estimate for the number of Recommended Box Displays you can expect per box added to the email.

Estimate your cost

First, calculate your usage using the information above. To turn your number of monthly Recommended Box Displays into what you will pay, take the number to the left of the comma, round up (to the nearest 10,000) and add 10. This will give you your monthly cost, eg. 37,920 Monthly Recommended Box Displays = 40 + 10 = $50.

Understanding your charges

The fees you will be charged for the current month are based on the previous month’s box display count.

It is possible that the actual box display count may be different than the count we charged you for. This can be due to a change in number of page views and / or the number of boxes present on your website.

When this happens, we automatically make the charges correction the following month, either by charging you the difference (when you are charged for less than you have actually used), or applying a credit (when you are charged for more than you have actually used) on your next monthly bill.

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