The shipping settings refer to the shipping policies that a store has. E.g. Shipping for domestic and international products.

During the Merchant Center Setup in LimeSpot Shopping Ads, you will be asked to choose the Import Method under the Shipping Settings. You can also access the Shipping Settings via LimeSpot Admin Panel > Acquisition > Google Shopping > Configure Product Feed > Settings > Shipping Settings if you have finished onboarding. Here are the 3 options described in detail:

  1. Manually in Merchant Center: This means there is nothing set on the products and you will have to go to the Google Merchant Center (Tools and Settings > Shipping and Returns) and set it up manually. This is the most basic option and it cannot be done through our app.

  2. Set a Flat Rate: Set a flat rate, e.g. $5, $10, etc. Mostly for domestic market as it’s best to set a flat rate so it’s easier for shoppers.

  3. Automatically from Shopify: All the settings defined in Shopify would be imported automatically to GMC. Some things to note:

  • Fallback Amount for Missing Rates: Input a fallback amount for unsupported carriers based on this list here.

  • Minimum Total Order Amount: Don’t ship unless you pay $x amount, most merchants don’t have a minimum order amount.

  • Handling Time: Same as fulfilment – time that you as a merchant spend until you drop the package to the forwarding company. E.g. Accepting the transaction, printing shipping label, wrapping it up, etc.

  • Transit Time: How much time it takes the shipping company to drop the product, e.g. delivery 3-5 days. The numbers used for showing delivery prediction time on ads. It helps the user with the information when shopping and does not need to be 100% accurate, just try and provide a good estimated delivery time.

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