Set Your Campaign Structure Right

To get the best Google Smart Shopping Ad Campaign results:

  • Create 1 Smart Shopping Campaign and put all of your products that you want to run ads for in that campaign. This means you will have 1 target ROAS for all of your products. The Google engine will have more information about your products with this structure. Therefore, the Ad Campaign will run better and get you better results.
  • If you have different target ROAS for different products, you can create multiple Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. The maximum number of campaigns for best performance is 5.

Avoid Overlapping Products in Multiple Concurrent Campaigns

To optimize the performance of your Google Shopping Ad Campaign, you should avoid having the same products serving in multiple concurrent live campaigns.

Overlapping products will cause your campaigns to conflict with each other over the same product and increase your CPC (cost per click).

Create LimeSpot Audience Segments

To target your ads to better audiences, create LimeSpot Audience Segments in the LimeSpot admin panel. These LimeSpot Audience Segments will automatically sync with Google Ads and will target your ads better.

These LimeSpot audience segments are available for general purposes on your Google Ads which means you are able to use them for your other ads, such as Search ads, Youtube ads, etc.

You can use any of the LimeSpot templates to create your own specific audience segment if you'd like. Here is the help article to learn how to get started with LimeSpot's Audience Segmentation.

Note: The LimeSpot Audience Segmentation feature is ONLY available for Enterprise clients.

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