Here are some of the best practices and tips LimeSpot has put together to assist you with your very first Google Shopping Campaign:

  1. Make sure at least 60% of your products are uploaded to your Google Merchant Center Account and over 90% of them are Active. Use the LimeSpot "Feed Center" to increase your product attribution quality and manage your feed.
  2. If you are new to Google Shopping Ads, use a dynamic list to create your first Shopping Campaign. "Most Popular" and "Top Trending" products are usually the best options.
  3. If you know your best-selling products, make sure to add those collections as well. More products in your first Google Shopping Campaign will give Google the opportunity to understand a bigger portion of your products during the learning period.
  4. The daily budget depends on the number of products in each campaign. The minimum daily budget is $20 per day. We recommend beginning with $50/day for campaigns below 150 products.
  5. Set your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to 200% through the learning period. Update the ROAS based on the performance of the Campaign when the learning is finalized.
  6. Set your UTMs to be able to track your Campaigns in Shopify, etc.

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