Please create 1 Shopping Ad Campaign for all your products if you are:

  • New to Google Shopping Ads

  • This is your first Shopping campaign for your website URL

  • You believe all your products have the same profit margin

Having all your products in one campaign will help Google to gather the maximum amount of data about your products and their target audience in one campaign and therefore maximize the performance.


  1. Don't update your campaign settings during the learning period (the first 14 days).

  2. Make sure more than 90% of products in Merchant Center are Active. This rate will have a huge effect on your products' ranking in Google. Use the LimeSpot Feed Center to fix product disapprovals and ask our Support Team for help, if needed.

  3. The daily budget depends on the number of products in each campaign. The minimum daily budget is $20 per day. We recommend beginning with $50/day for campaigns below 150 products.

  4. If you are not sure about your Target ROAS, leave it blank. Your campaign will try to gain the highest possible ROAS.

  5. Set your UTMs to be able to track your Campaigns in Shopify, etc.

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