LimeSpot Ads pricing starts at $18/month and increases based on your LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend. See the table below for the different pricing tiers based on what you would like to spend on LimeSpot attributed ads.

Every new customer gets an initial 15-day free trial. As a returning customer, you will receive whatever days are remaining in your trial period.

You should expect to receive your first invoice right after the free trial is over. If your LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend exceeds the range amount of the tier you picked, we will charge you the prorated amount at the end of your billing cycle based on the table below.

Example: If you picked your LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend to be in the range of $0 - $600, you will be invoiced $18 right away after you subscribe to LimeSpot Ads. If your LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend for the current billing cycle totals to be $1,000, you will be invoiced $7 at the end of your billing cycle. ($18 + $7 = $25) This is the prorated pricing amount for the $600 - $1,000 LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend which is $25.

LimeSpot Monthly Ad Spend


$0 - $600


$600 - $1,000


$1000 - $2,000


$2000 - $5,000


$5000 - $10,000


$10,000 - $15,000


$15,000 - $20,000



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If your monthly Google Shopping Ads spend exceeds $20,000 per month, please chat with us or contact us for customized pricing!

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