Submitting your product data to Google in the correct format is important for creating successful ads and unpaid listings for your products. LimeSpot has built an internal validation process to provide you a quick real-time product validation and accelerate Go-To-Market process.

During the Validation process, we analyze your product variants and assign attributes, such as Age, Gender, Color, etc., to make sure they are 100% compliant with Google Merchant Center regulations. The validation results for your product variants are:

  • Error: Product variants that are NOT ready to be published to Google. Product variants with errors are not acceptable by Google and will be disapproved by Google if published.
  • ⚠️ Warning: Product variants are ready to publish with one or more warnings. Product variants with warnings are acceptable by Google and you can publish and run shopping campaign ads on them. However, warnings will cause a lower rank for your products on Google Shopping and we recommend to fix them.
  • Success: Products variants are ready to publish with no errors or warnings.

How to Fix Warnings/Errors

  • When you click on FIX, a side drawer pops up and provides Edit and Bulk Edit options for all product attributes in the Warning and Error sections.
  • If any product attribute is not available, it means the LimeSpot engine has not been able to extract any information about that specific product.
  1. Set the product attributes manually using the Bulk/Edit option. We will always honor your manually set attributes and they will never be overwritten by our AI engine in the future.
  2. Save all changes.
  3. Click on the REVALIDATE button to see the latest product attribution status.

💡 We recommend Not To fix warnings or errors during the on-boarding process. The validation process is always accessible after the on-boarding process through the Feed Center > Validation page.

Different Attributes:

  • GTIN (barcode information) uniquely identifies your product variants. Product variants submitted without any unique product identifiers are difficult to classify and may not be eligible for all Shopping programs or features. Valid GTIN can have 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN).

💡 If you don't have a valid GTIN for a specific product, use the "Leave Blank" function to change the GTIN error to a warning. Your product will be publishable.

  • Product Type indicates your product categorization system. The submitted values will be used to organize the bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign.
  • Size describes the standardized size of your product. When used, your product can appear in results that are filtered by size. The size you submit will also affect how your product variants are shown.
  • Color describes your product’s color. This information helps create accurate filters, which users can use to narrow search results. If your product has variants that vary by color, then provide that information through this attribute.
  • Age sets the demographic that your product is designed for. When you use this attribute, your product can appear in results that are filtered by age.
  • Gender specifies the gender of your product. When you provide this information, potential customers can accurately filter products by gender to help narrow their search.

NOTE: It takes Google 3-5 business days to validate and approve your products. Go to your Merchant Center Account to see your approved products.

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