Each customer needs to create one Google Merchant Center (GMC) Account by LimeSpot through the onboarding process of LimeSpot Ads. This new GMC Account will be managed by the LimeSpot engine automatically and be in sync with your backend.

Tip: You can run 2 Merchant Centers in parallel if you'd like. Click here to learn more on how to do this.

1. Target Market Settings

Set your Target Market settings and create a new Google Merchant Center Account with LimeSpot Ads.

  • Target Country is the country where the products included in your data feed will be advertised, sold, and shipped to. The default value is your online store target country.

  • Language targeting allows you to choose the language of the potential customers you'd like to reach. The default value is your online store language.

  • Website URL is the domain you would like to connect to your Merchant Center Account. The default value is your online store URL.

2. Shipping Settings

You will need to select your Shipping Method from the drop-down menu. The default import method is Automatically from Shopify, and you will need to fill in the required fields before creating your Merchant Center. Read more here.

Tip: Check out the Shipping best practices here.

3. Tax Settings

Additional info regarding Tax Settings can be found here, as well as info regarding Product Sync here.

4. Product Sync Settings

๐Ÿ’ก If you already have an existing GMC Account that you are using to run Google Shopping campaigns, you should start by using an alternative domain for the LimeSpot-created GMC Account (e.g. store.myshopify.com) to get your products validated and approved by Google after publishing, and then you can go through our Merchant Account replacement process to switch everything over to LimeSpot. You will need to change the Website URL during the onboarding process:

After everything is set, click on CREATE MERCHANT CENTER ACCOUNT to create a new Google Merchant Center Account with the above settings. Then, click on CLAIM WEBSITE.

Once your new Google Merchant Center Account is created, it should automatically verify and claim your website for you. However, if for some reason you are not able to verify and claim your website in one click, follow this guide to fix the warnings/errors manually.

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