Click on CONNECT, a pop up will appear asking you to choose an account to continue to LimeSpot. If you are already using Google Ads, it would be easier to use the same Google Ads Admin Account here.

Note: Make sure your ad blockers are disabled before proceeding and Allow Pop ups to open so the pop up opens to sign in to Google opens.

Step 1

Note: If you don't have any Google Account yet, create a new one by selecting Use another account.

Step 2

Google will then ask for permissions and your account will be connected when the permissions are allowed.

Manage your AdWords campaigns - This permission is for LimeSpot to view and manage your AdWords campaigns. If you deny this step, you won't be able to connect your Ads account in the next step.

Manage your product listings and accounts for Google Shopping - This permission is for LimeSpot to manage your Google Merchant Center Account, be able to create Shopping ads, and the other permissions below. If you deny this step, LimeSpot won't be able to create a Google Merchant Center Account for you.

Manage the list of sites and domains you control - This permission is for LimeSpot to be able to view and manage your sites and domains. If you deny this permission, you will not be able to claim your website when creating your Google Merchant Center Account.

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