LimeSpot Ads is a bridge between your LimeSpot platform and Google Shopping Ads to utilize LimeSpot's AI-powered intelligence on products and audience management and boost your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) on Google. LimeSpot Ads applies automatic product attribution, feed management, and AI-powered audience retargeting.

It connects your online store with your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts, and uses AI to automatically manage your Product Attributes' enrichment, Feed updates, audience tagging, and your Shopping campaigns.

While all your product information is in sync with Google, LimeSpot Ads automatically syncs your Real-time Audience Segments with your Google Ads account to be used in all your ad campaigns.

The result and added values for retailers are:

  1. Improve Discoverability: Our AI automatically extracts product attributes (Type, Size, Color, Style, Material, Age, Gender, etc) to boost your products Google rank.

  2. Setup and Forget: After your initial quick setup, your product additions, updates, shipping rates and out-of-stock are automatically managed and synced with Google.

  3. Maximize ROAS: Effortlessly create highest performing campaigns using automation, AI-powered products & audience enrichment and real-time Audience segmentation.

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