What is LimeSpot Pricing Based on?

Our pricing is based on your monthly revenue.

Each plan has different features suitable with your store's needs. 

  • Silver plan has all the essentials for businesses that are getting started. 
  • Gold plan has more features for growing businesses that want more capabilities.
  • Enterprise plan is for merchants who make >$1M per year and gets end-to-end advanced personalization. 

Check out this link to learn more on what features are available on each plan. 

For more information and to calculate how much you would pay depending on your store’s revenue go to this link

What happens when your store's revenue exceeds your plan tier?

If your store’s revenue exceeds your selected plan tier, you will be invoiced the difference between your current plan and the next tier plan on the day it exceeds. You will be notified by email of this overage charge. Take note that on your next billing cycle, you will only be charged your current plan.

What is the benefit of an Annual Plan?

Annual subscribers are charged once upfront and get 2 months free.

Note: If you are in the legacy performance-based pricing, you can learn more on your pricing here.

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