Please follow the below steps to recreate the “Intelligent Product Pages” functionality:

Step 1: 

If you have the old Intelligent Product Pages, access your Shopify Admin Panel > Online Store > Pages section where you need to delete the page(s) (Most Popular, New Arrivals, etc.) you have created for the Intelligent Product Pages.

Step 2:

Add page(s) with title(s) of your choice but with the Template suffix “page” (ie. Best Sellers, Most Popular, New Arrivals, etc.

Step 3:

On the Navigation section, update your navigation menu with these page changes. Integrate the new pages with the correct navigation menu setting

Step 4:

Access your LimeSpot dashboard (Shopify admin panel > Apps > Personalizer app) and navigate to Conversion > Website Personalization where you will find the Designer button to open the Designer

Step 5:

Navigate to the page that you have created by clicking on the quick jump menu at the top. You should see it under "Other Pages".

On the left panel, click on “Add Box” and choose the Recommendation Box that you want to enable on the page

Step 6:

In the “Basic” settings set the Style to “Grid” and adjust the Number of items depending on your preference 

  • NOTE: If you want to disable the box title on the box please just enter a space in the Title field

Make sure to “Save” and “Publish” the changes you have made so that the updated pages appear on your live store. 

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