Customizing Campaigns

Creating your Campaign with Approach is very customizable. It is based on blocks and have a very easy user interface. Once you have chosen your template, you will see all the customization you can do on the left panel. 
  • Blocks 
    • Choose the blocks you would like to add your own image or text
  • Product Blocks
    • Choose the template block that you would like the 'personalized products' to show up on your campaign. The products that are added in these blocks are generated by LimeSpot.
  • Content
    • You can choose the options of the content of the block. Whether to show which type of 'Recommendation' for Product Blocks, show the image, show prices, etc. Anything that relates to the content of the specific block you choose will show here.
  • Style
    • This is where you can change the font, color, size, alignment, background color, etc. of the whole campaign. You can choose to only customize a specific block by switching the block toggle to the single block on the upper right corner of the left panel.

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