Add Intelligent Product Recommendations to your Campaigns

Product Blocks are the blocks to add the Intelligent Product Recommendations on your campaign. They will personalize your campaign to your recipients.

Once you are in the design phase of creating your campaign, you can add 'Product Blocks' to add the Intelligent Product Recommendations in your campaign.

You can choose how many products there are in each block. Also, you can choose what information to show for the products by going to the 'Content' tab on the left panel.
  • Recommendation - Choose what kind of product recommendation to show on the product block. (ie. Most Popular, Trending, You May Like, New Arrivals)
  • Scope - Choose the scope of the products you want to recommend. (ie. All Products, a specific Collection)
  • Number of rows - Add more rows if you want to add more products to show in the email
  • Toggle what information you want to show. .

You can also customize the Style of the product blocks by going to the 'Style' tab. The Block Toggle determines whether the changes in the style applies to the whole campaign or the specific block. There are options for you to change the style of the product title, product price, product original price, buttons, etc.

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