Creating a Campaign with Approach

To create a campaign with Approach, please go to your Approach admin panel. Before you can start creating a campaign, you will have to have at least one recipient list. To learn more about how to create a recipient list, click here.

Follow these instructions to start creating a campaign:
  1. Go to Approach > Campaigns
  2. Click on 'Create your first Campaign' or the plus button on the top right corner
  3. Fill in the Campaign Setup
    • ​​Campaign Name
    • Subject Line - This is very important since this will be the first thing your recipients will see when they receive your email. This will make the recipient's decision whether to open your email or not.
    • From Email - You will have to verify the email you are sending from. When you click on 'Add email address' and type your 'From email', you will receive an email from LimeSpot to verify your email. Once you have clicked on the verification link, you can click 'Refresh' and your email will appear in the dropdown of the 'From Email'.
    • From Name
    • Reply To Address - Fill in an email if you want to receive replies in a different mailbox.
  4. Choose Recipient List                      
  5. Choose Email Template 
  6. Design the Campaign
    • You can send test campaigns to yourself to check how your campaign looks. The test campaigns will use one of your recipients information to fill in the placeholders that are inserted in the campaign. 
  7. Send the Campaign by scheduling it or sending it right away.

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