Liquid Errors After Uninstallation

These liquid errors are typically caused as a result of not uninstalling LimeSpot: Personalizer properly. Shopify does not allow apps to clean up the theme right from the moment you uninstall from the Shopify Admin Panel. Therefore, we have created our own 'Uninstall and Clean up' button in our app, LimeSpot Personalizer Admin Panel, that cleans out all our code from your store. This button can be found on your
Account page of the Admin Panel. Please follow this link to learn how to uninstall Personalizer properly. 

Since you have uninstalled the app, you should have received an email with a
subject: LimeSpot app Uninstalled with a 'Clean up code' button that you can click on to remove all our code from your store. Another option is to reinstall the LimeSpot
Personalizer and follow the link above.

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