How to Properly Uninstall Personalizer

We hope you will never need this step, but if you need to uninstall LimeSpot: Personalizer from your Shopify or BigCommerce store, there are a few steps that you will need to follow.


Note: The uninstall feature is still not available on the new admin panel. Please use the classic admin panel to manage your uninstall process. You can navigate to the classic admin panel by clicking on your store name in the bottom left corner of your screen and select Back to Classic Version.

NOTE: Shopify does not allow apps to clean up the theme right from the moment you uninstall from Shopify Admin Panel. Therefore to make sure no LimeSpot-related files are left on your website, you have to remove the app from within the LimeSpot admin panel and we will take care of everything ourselves.
  1. Go to your LimeSpot Administration Panel.
  2. Click on Account on the left menu.
  3. Click on Uninstall & Cleanup.
  4. Confirm the uninstall request.
  5. Once this message appears, you will receive an email to your subscribed email account with a Clean-up button. In order to uninstall LimeSpot: Personalizer correctly, you will need to click this button. Upon clicking this button, you will be redirected to your Shopify admin panel where you will log in. Upon logging in, the process will be completed.


As you had to manually add the Storefront Script Code upon installation, you will also have to manually remove it to complete the uninstallation process. Here's how you can do that:
  1. Navigate to your BigCommerce Control Panel
  2. In your BigCommerce control panel, on the left navigation menu go to Advanced Settings › Web Analytics.
    NOTE: In some versions of the control panel, this is located under 
    Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Web Analytics.
  3. On General Settings tab › Providers, make sure the box next to Google Analytics is checked. If not, check the box and then click on Save. The Google Analytics tab will appear beside the General Settings tab.
  4. Click the Google Analytics tab.
  5. Delete the Storefront Script Code from the Tracking Code box.
  6. Save your changes. LimeSpot: Personalizer will now be properly uninstalled.

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