Incorrect Product Information Displaying

If you see that your product's title or price information is incorrect, we have a quick fix! This issue is caused by our database not being in sync with your store’s latest data*, and can be fixed with a Manual Product Sync
Follow these instructions to perform a Manual Product Sync:
  1. On the left-side of your LimeSpot Admin Panel under Settings, click Manual Sync
  2. Click Initiate Sync. You will now see a 'Job Progress' page, giving you updates on the status of your product sync.
    NOTE: If you have many products, this may take a few minutes to complete.
  3. Refresh website in browser. All images should be shown as correct and without duplicates.
NOTE: Once you click Sync Products, the sync has begun on our end even if your Job progress window remains blank. There's no need to click Sync Products again—it's in our system and will complete.

* Shopify sends LimeSpot updates on stores’ data 5-6 times a day. The time gaps between these causes the issues with image loads. A Manual Product Sync is a manual request for Shopify to immediately sync LimeSpot’s database with your store’s most recent data.

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