Advanced Settings

LimeSpot: Personalizer has many options in regards to customizing our components. In the Advanced Settings, you can customize many aspects of our app including the Add to Cart button, Arrows, Auto-scroll, and Image properties.

To change these Advanced Settings, follow these steps: 
  1. Set the Installation Settings to Advanced.
  2. Choose the recommendation boxes you want to have on each of your store's pages by navigating through the page tabs.
  3. Set the Appearance Settings to Advanced.
  4. Choose your desired settings for recommendation boxes for each page individually so their behavior best matches your store:
    • Add to Cart Overlay: This setting allows you to add Add to Cart button on your products in the LimeSpot generated recommendation boxes. This enables the customers to add their favourite item to cart right from the recommendaton box. If the item has more than one variant they can first choose the variant and then the item will be added to cart automatically.
      You can choose your Add to Cart Overlay feature to appear in one of the following 3 ways on each one of your store pages:
      • Always Display: By choosing this option, the Add to Cart Overlay button will always appear on the products listed in the LimeSpot-generated recommendation boxes.
      • Overlay on Hover: By choosing this option, the Add to Cart Overlay button will only show while users' mouse hovers over the product.
        NOTE: Add to Cart Overlay will automatically switch to 'Always Display' mode on Mobile Devices.
      • Disabled: By choosing this option, you disable the Add to Cart Overlay feature on your LimeSpot generated recommendation boxes.
    • Box Properties:
      • Display Navigation Arrows: This option allows you to choose the behavior of the recommendation boxes' navigation arrows.
        • Pop out (Animated): when someone mouses over a recommendation box, the navigation arrows will appear with an animation. They are otherwise hidden.
        • Appear in place (Toggle): the arrows will appear upon mouse over without an animation. They are otherwise hidden.
      • Auto-scroll Interval: You can set time intervals for the items to automatically scroll in the recommendation boxes. If you set the interval to 0, there will be no automatic scrolling of the images in the recommendation boxes.
      • Maximum Number of Items: You can set the maximum number of items displayed in each recommendation box. The maximum number of items displayed in each recommendation box has a default value of 20. If you want to display fewer items you can reduce the amount accordingly.
    • Image Properties: in this section you can set your image properties such as width, height, right margin, and the appearance of the image border. The preview box on the right side reflects your changes instantly so you can see what the image container will look like.

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