Product Analytics

LimeSpot’s Product Analytics allows you to see an item's performance in a variety of different ways such as item views, add-to-carts, orders, revenue driven, and time spent for each item in your store.
Filter by interaction source with the checkboxes to see how individual intelligent product recommendations affect your items. Use the dropdown menu below ‘Search’ to order by:
  • Revenue
  • Purchase Count
  • Order Count
  • Add To Cart Count
  • View Count
  • Time Spend
  • Popularity Score - shows products that appeal to shoppers most by seeing how your products stack up comparatively on a 0 to 1000 scale since you have installed LimeSpot Personalizer
  • Trending Score - shows how popular your items depending on the recent traffic of your store on a 0 to 100 scale (~within the past week). This score can reflect changing seasonal demands and viral fads which help you target shoppers’ changing demands.
    • Note: The Popularity Score and Trending Score are what Personalizer uses behind the scenes to populate our Popular and Trending recommendation boxes.
Looking for an item in particular? Try typing a keyword in the search bar.

You can also see the break down of which intelligent product recommendation type and page source leading to each interaction (ex. Homepage (H), Product Page (P), Collections (Col), etc.). Click the blue plus icon to view any item's data.


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