Intelligent Product Pages

LimeSpot's Intelligent Product Pages feature enables you to create dynamic pages with LimeSpot driven recommendations.

The Intelligent Product Pages that can create are:

  • You May Like: Show shoppers a subset of products based on their previous actions and historical behavior on your site
  • Most Popular Items: Use social proof to entice your customers with the most popular products on your website.
  • Recently Viewed Items: Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying before.
  • Trending Items: Stay on top of trends in your store by showing which of your products are going viral.
  • New Arrivals: Show your latest Collection/Product(s).

You can easily create Intelligent Product Pages and link them to your online store's navigation menu. (see how)

To create these pages:

  1. Go to your LimeSpot Administration Panel.
  2. Go to Features on the left-side menu.
  3. Click on Intelligent Product Pages tab. (This option is always off by default)
  4. Turn this option on.
  5. Click on Add new Page.
  6. Choose the Recommendation Type you would like to display on your Intelligent Product Page.
  7. Choose a Title for the page (it will be the name of the selected recommendation box by default).
  8. Choose the maximum number of products you would like to display on the page.
  9. Apply your desired appreance settings (similar to recommendation boxes)
  10. Once you're done with feature settings, save the changes.
  11. After saving the changes, you will see the message below. You will be redirected to the LimeSpot admin panel and will be notified with an email (With the subject "LimeSpot Task Complete!") when the changes are applied.
  12. NOTE: To allow your shoppers to navigate to your store's Intelligent Product Pages, you have to link these pages to your Navigation menu. Follow the steps in this kb article to see how.

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