To set up domain authentication (whitelabel a domain), you must submit the DNS records provided by us to your DNS or hosting provider (i.e. GoDaddy, Hover, CloudFlare, etc.). First, figure out who your hosting provider is and if you have access. If you don't have access to your DNS or hosting provider, you should figure out who in your company has this access before you begin setting up domain authentication.

Instructions to Set Up Domain Authentication:

  1. Tell us the domain and subdomain that you want to send from. Make sure that you only enter the name of your root domain. Do not include www or http://www in this field. Your domain needs to match the domain of your FROM address on the emails you are sending out. For example, if I am sending an email from [email protected], I would set my domain to be My subdomain can be mail. As a result my email will be sent via "".
  2. Using your provided domain, we will provide you 3 CNAME records.
  3. You will need to add all of the CNAME records on this screen to your DNS host. This process varies depending on your DNS host. Please see instructions below.
  4. Once you are done adding the CNAME records to your DNS host, contact [email protected] to verify with us.
  5. Now you are ready to go and send out your campaigns!

Where to Update your DNS Records:

Update your DNS records wherever you registered or manage your domain names. You may have to contact your DNS provider for details on how to get these records updated. Below are links to documentation for some major providers:

Add the following 3 CNAME records to set up your dedicated sending domain (interface will look different depending on your DNS provider):

Tools to Monitor Your Performance:

  1. Campaign Overview Stats - See the top activities engaged with your campaign such as the open/click rate and purchases.
  2. Register for Gmail's Postmaster Tools - Gmail's postmaster tools will help you monitor the reputation of your sending domain for your Gmail recipients.
  3. Yahoo Postmaster - Yahoo! provides many more recommendations for bulk mail senders and postmasters sending to Yahoo! Mail.
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