LimeSpot Approach is required to include an unsubscribe process by CAN-SPAM and other Anti-spam laws. That is why we have included an "Unsubscribe" and "Update Preferences" link to the footer of every Approach templates. Moreover, if our app detected that there is no unsubscribe link to the email, it would not sent. 

(This is the error users would see when they try to send a campaign without an unsubscribe link) 

The "Unsubscribe" and "Update Preferences" links are added to every template automatically. However, in cases where users have removed the links and the campaign failed to send, there are steps to manually add the proper links back in. 

  1. Create a link on a piece of text called "Unsubscribe"
  2.  On the Link setting, add in [unsubscribe-url] as the url   

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