What is a Sender's Reputation?

A sender's Reputation affects your email deliverability. The reputation is determined by a wide variety of factors such as recipient engagement (ie. open rates, click rates, spam rates, etc.), email content, spam complaints, spam traps, invalid email addresses, etc. It is like a great brand or personal reputation where it is hard to earn, easy to lose and it is built over time. When your recipients are opening, reading and clicking on your links in your email content, ISPs know that your messages are wanted. Therefore, the sender's reputation will be high.

Building Your Reputation

If you have built your reputation with other email marketing apps, you will have to start from scratch with Approach since you will have a new account. 

To start building your reputation with Approach, start sending small campaigns (ie. 400 recipients). Make sure the recipient list is updated and has no invalid email addresses. Wait a few days to receive feedback from your recipients (ie. open rate, click rates, spam complaints, etc.). You can then send more (ie. 5,000 recipients) to build your reputation slowly.

The main thing is to make sure that you are gradually increasing your sending cadence. A sender without reputation with a particular email service provider (ie. Approach) will be blocked and blacklisted by internet service providers (ie. Google, Hotmail, Microsoft, etc.) if you suddenly send big campaigns from day 1.

If you would like to send more and you are sure that your recipient list are active customers of yours, you can send [email protected] a request to whitelabel your domain. 

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