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This article is to help you create personalized emails/newsletters, engage more shoppers and convert directly from email by showing each recipient the products they are most likely to buy.

Step 1 - Add your Recipient Lists

The LimeSpot Approach AI learns from the activity of your shoppers and then automatically segments them into your audience groups (i.e. New Customers, First Time Buyers, High Spenders, etc.) You can start by simply importing your recipient list and utilize our segmentation feature

Top tip: Always keep your recipient list updated. (ie. subscribed/unsubscribed recipients).

Step 2 - Select a theme and design your email

Once you've selected the recipients for your campaign, you need to start designing your campaign

Make sure to select an eye-catching, customizable email theme! You can choose a pre-built theme based on your industry and the message you need to communicate. 

Don't forget to update the selected template with your company’s branding. Use the drag-and-drop editor that allows you to add images as full-width headers or as backgrounds.

Top tip: You can even add your own HTML code in case you want to have something more custom.

Step 3 - Add Intelligent Product Recommendations to your campaigns for Personalization

To learn about your shoppers, Approach analyzes their collective behavior and purchase history. It then curates the right products for each individual based on their demographics, interests and behavior patterns. This will deliver the right product to your shoppers at the right time, resulting in the highest email marketing conversion rates. You can take advantage of this feature by adding Product Recommendations directly into your email campaigns, which will then be highly-personalized for every person on your email list, and help you convert customers directly from email.

Personalize your email campaigns and appeal to your shoppers more.

Top tip: Select a "collection" to set a scope for each "Smart Container".

Step 4 - Last but not least

Please make sure you're protecting your email domain reputation by reading our Email Sending Policy

For more information about more specific features and tools, take a look at our help center.

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