We will learn how to add a Smart Container - Intelligent Recommendations - in the campaign.

Before adding a Smart Container that has a personalized product, you'll have to decide where you want this product to show.

You can follow the steps below on how to create a Smart Container (Personalized product).

Step 1:
Decide on how many personalized products you want on your email and create a Structure with the corresponding number of containers (Max 4 containers per row). Drag and drop the structure to the desired place:

Step 2:
Head over to the Library tab > Common Blocks and you will see the Smart Container. It contains: Price, Original Price, Product Name, Image, Description and Add to Cart Button. To add it to your email, just drag it and drop it in one of the newly created containers inside the structure:

Step 3:
Once you've created the smart container, click on it. You'll see a new set of options on the left panel. Name, Price, and Image. These information does not need to changed since the LimeSpot AI will catch that information for you. Go ahead and choose which kind of smart Recommendation you'd like to display. 

  • Most Popular
  • New Arrivals
  • Trending
  • You May Like. 

You can also change the Scope for the recommendations to a specific collection as well.

Note: If you choose to manually select the item, you'll have to select "Manual" on the Recommendation drop down menu on the left panel and input the Product name, Price, Description and link an image to it.

Step: 4:
Finally, you can edit this container. You can change text fonts, colors and backgrounds. Once you are happy with the Smart Container, you can copy it to duplicate the items.

To copy, hover your mouse over the three dots on the side of the Smart-Container and click on the icon that has two rectangles:

To move, hover your mouse over the three dots on the side of the Smart-Container and click on the icon that has four arrows pointing different directions and drag it to the desired location:

Note: You don't have to commit all items to show the same smart recommendation. You can choose each item to show a different one, for example, you can choose the first two items to show Most Popular Items and the last two to show New Arrivals. Our engine will make sure to never display the same item twice.

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