After entering your desired recipients, you'll be asked to choose a campaign template or start creating your own. The templates we already created for you should already have the social buttons included. If not, please follow the steps bellow to add and modify them.

1st Step:
 Create or find the structure you'd like to add the social buttons to. 

Create by dragging the structure and dropping to the desired location:

2nd Step:
Select "Blocks" and find the "Social Network" block (Any block needs a structure in order to be added to the template). 

3rd Step:
Drag and drop the social media block to the desired structure.

4th Step:
Once you've chosen the correct place, you can go ahead and click on the icons to open its settings. You can choose different styles for the buttons and you can also add or remove a social media icon.

Final Step:
Once you've chosen style and decided which social medias you'd like to have shown on the campaign, you can go ahead and scroll down to link the icons to your social media websites.

Everything is automatically saved, so if at any point you want to close and reopen later, you can just click on the exit button on the top right corner of the screen.

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