Some elements created for a specific campaign might be worth saving it for later! 

For example a footer, which should contain the same information for different campaigns is worth saving so you don't have to always change or build it again and again.

You can follow the steps bellow to save Stripes, Structures and Containers.

Step 1:
Identify the element you want to save. Like mentioned before, it can be a Stripe, a Structure or a Container.

Step 2:
On the side of the structure you'll see three dots. Hover over it to open the options. The one closest to the element is the save option you want.

Click on it to save.

Step 3:
Once you've clicked on it, a set of options will open on the left panel of your Campaign Editor.

  • You can edit this saved element by changing its picture.
  • Block Name is how you'd like to save and identify this elements.
  • Id is how our system will identify it (File Name). You wont need to worry about this, you can leave it with the name we suggest.
  • Tags are how you are going to find these blocks later. In the case above, I could tag it as "Jeans" or "Collection", or anything else that would relate to the purpose of this block. Once you start creating many campaigns and saving many blocks, these tags can be used to find a particular saved block if you can't remember its name. Or, if you've tag a number of block you would use for a Holiday campaign, you can tag all the block as "Christmas", or "Mother'sDay" for exemple. When you want to create a different Christmas campaign, you can simply search by the "#Christmas" tag.
  • Email area is where in your campaign this block would fit. The options are Header, Menu, Content, and Footer.

Step 4:
Once you've finished with the above step, simply scroll down to the Save Button.

To access the saved block, go to your Content tab > Library > My Blocks and you'll see that the blocks you saved will be there in any campaign you open.

To search for a specific block, you can click on the funnel icon besides Common Blocks.

A text field will open where you can search by the name of the block or, like mentioned before, by Tag. Just insert "#" to see all your created tags if you can't remember the name or simply write the tag name.

Finally You can also filter your search by Email area. In the above image they are all selected, however if I were to look for the footers of a "Christmas" campaign, I would deselect all other options but footer and search by "#Christmas" tag.

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