Great to see that you are starting your campaign!

To start creating a campaign, you should have a good list of recipients. Once you have your recipients ready, you can choose the template and content of your campaign. Approach has some built in Themes that you can use. You can design and test your email campaign before sending it off to your recipients!

Creating your Campaign

Step 1: Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Approach 

Step 2: Click on Campaigns and click the plus icon (+) to start creating a campaign

Step 3: Now you will have to fill out the Campaign Setup

  • Campaign Type - Identify what type of campaign you are sending (ie. Promotions, Newsletter, etc.). Your recipients can opt out of some types of campaigns you send when they 'Unsubscribe'.
  • Campaign Name - Internal use only. You will be the only one to see this.
  • Subject Line - The subject your recipients will see when they receive the email campaign
  • From Email - The email your recipients will receive the email from. You need to verify your email that you will be sending from.
  • From Name - The name your recipients will see when they receive the email campaign.
  • Reply To Address - The email you want your recipients to reply to if it is different from the 'From Email'

Step 4: Pick your Recipient List and choose the segment that you would like to send the campaign to. Here are the segments that we have for your Recipients.

Step 5: Choose the theme that you would like to use for the campaign. Try using some of Approach's built-in Themes to help you design and create a successful campaign.

  • Under Themes, you can filter the themes by Categories or use the Search function to search for your industry and see what Theme options you have.
  • Under Basic, you can choose a basic theme or start from scratch
  • Under Recent Campaigns, you will see the themes you have used in your recent campaigns

Step 6: Once you have chosen your theme for your campaign, you are ready to design and test your campaigns.

Step 7: After creating your campaign, make sure you preview and test your campaign. You can see how your campaign looks like on desktop, tablet and mobile. Also, you should send test campaigns to any email addresses to make sure that your campaign looks good.

Step 8: Once your campaign is ready and you have checked that everything is good, you are now ready to schedule and send your campaign. 

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