It is important to have a recipient list that are engaged. Approach does the segmentation of your list automatically in the Campaign. Therefore, you do not have to create a lot of different recipient lists. 

Having one main recipient list is the best way to manage your list.

Regularly clean up your recipient list so that you do not send emails to unengaged clients and improve your email deliverability rates.

Remove invalid email addresses. Sending a great number of invalid email will put your reputation down and may cause your account to be suspended.

Remove inactive emails. Deleting the emails that do not respond or have no activity with your campaigns will help you from getting into any spam traps. Those inactive emails will cause your campaigns to have a low open rate as well. 

Keep an eye out for Spam Complaints, Bounced Emails and Unsubscribe Email Addresses. A recipient marking your campaign as spam, having a high bounced rate and recipients unsubscribing from your email will affect your email deliverability. Make sure you remove those emails that have marked your campaign as spam, bounced emails and unsubscribed for your recipient list.

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