Approach automatically segments customers depending on their behaviour and interaction with a store. Hence, you do not have to create different recipient lists.
You can segment your customers in the "Campaign" section of the dashboard, which can be found under Approach > Campaigns.
After entering the campaign setup information (i.e. campaign name, details etc.) you will be directed to the 'Who are you sending to?' page where you can select the recipient list you wish to target. After selecting this list, a segmentation list will appear, allowing you to select the group you wish to target.
 The following list shows the segments you can divide your customers into: 

  • Entire List (Everyone on your list will receive this email.)
  • New Recipients (Recipients who have joined this list in the past 7 days.)
  • Active Recipients (Recipients who have opened at least one of your last 5 campaigns and clicked at least one links.)
  • Semi Active Recipients (Recipients who have opened at least one of your last 5 campaigns but not clicked any links.)
  • Inactive Recipients (Recipients who have not opened any of your last 5 campaigns.)
  • Recent Buyers (Recipients who have placed an order in the past 7 days.)
  • First Time Buyers (Recipients who have placed their very first order in the past 30 days.)
  • One Time Buyers (Recipients who have placed only one order in your store.)
  • Occasional Buyers (Recipients who have placed 2-3 order in your store.)
  • Regular Buyers (Recipients who have placed 4-6 order in your store.)
  • Frequent Buyers (Recipients who have placed more than 7 order in your store.)
  • Low Spenders (Recipients who have bought less than $100 from your store.)
  • Medium Spenders (Recipients who have bought between $100 and $600 from your store.)
  • High Spenders (Recipients who have bought more than $600 from your store.)

Note: Use different segments to create more relevant and personalized email for your recipients. This will increase your recipients' engagement with your campaigns.

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