Approach is the app to revolutionize the personalization of email marketing.

Personalizing campaigns will help grow relationships with your shoppers/subscribers. Here are some tips on how to personalize your campaigns:

Use Merge Tags/Fields

Using merge tags/fields will make your campaign more dynamic and personable. Merge tags/fields has your subscribers' information (ie. first name, etc.). Check out this article to show you how to add the merge tags/fields into your campaign.

Have LimeSpot's Personalized Products

With the behavioral data and activity data of your subscribers, LimeSpot is able to personalize the product recommendations to each of your subscriber. This ability of Approach will cater your campaigns to your subscribers and will increase the possibility of those subscribers buying these products. Learn how to add personalized products into your campaign in this article.

Segment your Recipieints

To provide a better campaign to your subscribers, you should segment your recipients and make the campaign for the segment chosen. (ie. first time buyers, new recipients, etc.) See the list of segments Approach has here.

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